Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fees and Other Costs of Invoice Factoring Service

Most business owners can have access to quick cash through invoice factoring service. In this service, they sell their accounts receivable or the invoices to a factor at a discount. The factor provides advance cash, approximately 80-90% of the purchase price of the invoices with a fee. Its merits are beyond a doubt. However, it is essential to know the fees and other costs to get the best out of the service.

Invoice factoring service, one of the perfect financing solutions in Vancouver, is available with some fees. Along with the balance of paying the purchase price and other charges, it includes the fees of the service, upon collection. So, how much business owners have to pay for this service?

The factoring service fee mainly depends on four factors:
1. Workload
2. Number of debtors
3. Turnover (the higher it is, the lower is the service fee)
4. Time period

Then, there are some fees that business owners should examine closely, while opting for this financing solutions in Vancouver:
1. Discounting fee, which depends on the borrowed amount; and it is the product of the sum of base rate and margin and the average borrowing;
2. Minimum service fee, which is usually mentioned in the terms and conditions of the service;
3. Audit fee, which some lenders include in their charge for audit; and
4. Arrangement fee, which is for setting up the facility; and so on.

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